Cafe Botanika is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in St.Petersburg. Our international menu includes innovative gourmet dishes based on Ayurvedic principles — a diet for a healthy body and mind.


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Botanika’s food was created by the joint efforts of founder Marina Albee and Dilraj Singh, Head Chef of Botanika since 2008. They use recipes from all over the world and these classic and innovative dishes have become the favorites of our guests.

Head Chef – Dilraj Singh

Dilraj is a magical alchemist who came to Botanika as if by fate. He learned from the ground up and rose through the ranks  to become Head-Chef very quickly. He perfected our recipes and added his own. Dil feels the right combinations of spice and cooking time and he knows when to simplify things. He and his team are tireless in their hard work and dedication. Dil is a partner in Botanika’s growing business and continues to study new aspects of vegetarian cooking.

Dil knows that Ayurvedic tradition uses spice and other flavors to balance food in a way to achieve maximum benefit for people of all constitutions. We believe in that principle of Ahimsa (non-violence) and cruelty-free living as much as possible. We also try to use foods that come from as close by as possible. Cleanliness is of paramount importance at all times and most important, we try to maintain a happy positive atmosphere in our kitchen at all times!


Location & contacts

 We are located at 7 Pestelya street in St.Petersburg, Russia. This is just a 10 minute walk from Nevsky Prospect along the Fontanka Canal . Botanika is in the heart of  the historic center, near the Summer Garden and The Arts Academy of Baron Alexander von Stieglitz. The picture windows open to a view of the Church of Pontelimonov and Salt Lane, an exquisite pedestrian only street with restored old buildings.


Pure and healthy international, vegetarian cuisine with vegan and gluten free options. We use only fresh ingredients. We do not use processed foods or microwaves.


Just a 10 minute walk from Nevsky Prospect along the Fontanka Canal, we are in the heart of the historic center, near the Summer Garden.


We are open 11:00 to 00:00, kitchen open till 23:00. Summer hours on weekends open till 1:00. We offer children's parties, banquets and even weddings upon request.


See our blog for information about vegetarian cooking, Ayurveda and related themes. You can ask us questions online or in person!

We are open: until 17:00 on the 31st
We are closed:
January 1, 2 and 3.

On the 4th we open at 12:00.

Happy New Years!!!


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